San Giorgio S.p.a. uses state-of-the-art technologies
and very automated processes.

Rotary peeling

The manufacture cycle starts with the cutting of the log: by rotating it against a blade, veneers of different thickness, length and width are obtained.

Veneer drying and sorting

The veneer strips are then accurately dried and sorted automatically according to hudreds of parameters.

Veneer processing

The veneer are spliced transversally and longitudinally to obtain the desired customer dimensions.


The veneer sheets are glued with different resins according to their purpose.


The glued veneers are then conveyed to the pressing lines to cure the resins and make a solid and durable panel.


Once the panel is done, it is sanded to make its thickness uniform and edges are trimmed to obtain the desired dimensions.

Film Facing

If panels have to be film-faced a special film made of resin and paper is melted on the surface.


Panels can be further sectioned in every dimension with tolerance of a tenth of millimeter.

Quality control

For quality assurance, before delivery, all items pass through a new-generation ultrasound scanner which detects possible quality problems.


Following the customer specifications, the panels are counted, packed, labelled and stored ready for delivery.