San Giorgio SPA - L'azienda

“Being different” has always been a must for San Giorgio Spa.

Our main product is birch plywood and we do it in Italy even though birch trees are not growing in warm weathers. This is way “we are different”. Our trees are sourced in the Baltic Countries where we own a peeling & drying unit that produce birch veneers that later are transformed into plywood in Italy.
Being a plywood producer in Italy allows us to focus on difficult products with high quality requirements because in Italy we have skilled and very professional labor force.

San Giorgio SPA - L'azienda

Thanks to the experience of the last 50 years on different wood spices we learned how to process birch in the best way possible. From 1997 we continuously focused our efforts and our investments on birch because this wood offers great mechanical performances. Now we are one of the world leaders in customized birch plywood solutions.

San Giorgio’s mill is highly technological and it is managed with a real customer & product driven strategy.
We are flexible therefore we have a wide range of products: raw birch plywood multilayer panels that can be varnished or covered with protective films, panels for laser cutting, panels for flooring and for transportation, for formworks and several other applications.

We can proudly say: San Giorgio Spa, Italian birch plywood specialist.

20.000.000 m2
of peeled veneers each year
portfolio items
the number of countries in which we sell
average growth over the past 5 years