Politica per la qualità - San Giorgio Spa

As part of the expansion and strengthening strategy, the company considers the quality of the products and services offered to be of primary importance and considers it necessary to define rules that direct the business towards maximum customer satisfaction.

With this in mind, the General Management has decided to implement a Quality Assurance System with reference to the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The General Management therefore undertakes to activate and maintain efficient all those operational and organizational procedures that allow a correct identification of the customers’ requirements and to operate correctly for the satisfaction of the same. In particular, it is proposed to operate in a controlled and documented way in every business process that has influence on the final Quality of the product / service, as required by the reference standard.
With a view to continuous improvement, the company aims to keep company processes under control in order to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities, as well as to act on those that can occur effectively both in relation to the internal organization, which towards customers.
Each employee or collaborator is therefore an active and indispensable part of the structure and as such must feel involved in achieving these objectives and in the continuous success of the Company. The task of the General Management is therefore to communicate the short and long term objectives that the company aims to achieve.
In specific:

Our customer orientation

  • Performance is measured by considering customer needs
  • Customers perceive us as leaders in the sector thanks to a highly technological productivity, quality, flexibility, competitiveness and company ability to produce panels on customer request within delivery times
  • The reference markets are constantly evolving

Our orientation towards collaborators

  • Collaborators are chosen according to the professional and human qualification required for carrying out the activities for which they are responsible
  • They are trained and updated on the basis of needs

Our orientation towards processes

  • The organization’s processes are defined and documented with the support of the collaborators involved
  • All managers work to improve processes
  • We use cutting-edge systems and technologies made by industry leaders
  • The managerial system is oriented in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard; compliance with the law, the mandatory and voluntary product and process requirements relating to the industrial, accounting and personnel management areas.

Our orientation towards safety
We apply a workplace safety policy which consists of the prevention of occupational and non-occupational accidents and the promotion of occupational health.

Our orientation towards the environment

  • The company is FSC® certified. The FSC® marking guarantees that the raw material used in certified products comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.
  • The company complies with the EUTR Due Diligence regulation by supervising the legal origin of the wood before it is placed in the European Union.
  • In order to implement processes that limit the consumption of resources and promote recycling policies, the company uses only virgin wood waste for its operation and with the excess superheated water produced by the thermal power plant feeds a turbine that produces clean energy.