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San Giorgio | Multilayer panels - blockboards - veneer panels


Birch plywood


Special plywood


Plywood for laser cutting

Plywood for
laser cutting

Plywood for road transport vehicles

Plywood for road
transport vehicles

Plywood for the building industry

Plywood for the
building industry

San Wire

Technical Sheet

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Birch plywood coated with phenolic film,
especially conceived for the road transport industry

This product has uniform surface finish, high surface hardness, is slide-proof and particularly resistant to bending and traction, resilient under mechanical stress.

The panels are composed of 1.5 mm veneer sheets, glued together in cross-grain pattern, coated with black phenolic film, with slide-proof finish.


Phenolic film

220 g/sq m film with knurled upper surface
220 g/sq m film with smooth lower surface



Phenolic-resin glue – Class 3 (EN-314)





Thickness tolerances

± 0,2 mm


Size tolerances

In conformity with norms UNI EN 315


Specific weight

740 Kg/m³


Formaldehyde release

In conformity with European norms


Standard sizes San Wire – A

mm 1200/1220/1250/1500/1530 x 2150/2500


Standard sizes San Wire - B

mm 1200/1250/1500/1530 x 2700/3050/3700/4000


Special sizes

Special sizes are available up to 2050x5200 mm max



mm 6,5 - 9 - 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 - 24 - 27 - 30 - 35


Available finishes

Different colors are available for serial orders.
A logo can be applied on the surface



CNC service, special cladding on request


Light Brown

Designed for the road transport, a new product is available for the inner side walls of vehicles with phenolic finish called “Light Brown”, which is more wetness-proof and increases the wood hardness, ensuring a longer life.

Its surface is smooth on both sides, slightly glossy and brown-colored, with the wood veins still visible underneath.


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