SanDesign - Prodotti San Giorgio SPA

12 colours to play with creativity. Full-birch plywood panels glued with exterior glue. It is used for decorative applications due to its versatility.

B/b, s/s or s/bb birch plywood is coated with semi transparent scratch-resistant varnish but the wood grain remain visible to give the product a natural and authentic looking.

Base panel: Exterior glued birch plywood made with veneers of 1,5 mm. Panels are available in a wide range of sizes following specific customer needs. Standard size is 2500x1250mm but several sizes can be produced on request. Standard thickness is mm 9 – 12 – 15 – 18 – 21. Special thickness can be produced on request.

Face veneer quality: San Giorgio can offer different grades of the outer veneers agreed with the customer. Common grades of upper side of SanDesging is B or S grade. Backside is normally made with S or BB grade. Customized sorting is possible on customer request. Flatness, quality, thickness tolerance and mechanical performances is what makes SanDesign a great product for multiple applications.

Overlay: SanDesign panels are varnished with a special colored semi-transparent coating. Standard colors are: transparent, grey RAL7001, darkgrey RAL7012, white RAL 9003, black RAL 9004, yellow RAL 1018, orange RAL 2008, red RAL 3020, light blue RAL 5021, dark blue RAL 5012, light green RAL 6019, green RAL 6025. The product used are approved in conformity to EN 71-3 safety of toys.

Get more information downloading the technical datasheet.

Download PDF Datasheet

Main features:

Cost saving
Easy painting
Eco friendly
High density
Low voc emission
Made for laser cutting