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  San Giorgio | Multilayer panels - blockboards - veneer panels  


Birch plywood


Special plywood


Plywood for laser cutting

Plywood for
laser cutting

Plywood for road transport vehicles

Plywood for road
transport vehicles

Plywood for the building industry

Plywood for the
building industry


The strong point of San Giorgio S.p.a., which has permitted to conclude agreements with some of the leading companies in the market is, beyond any doubt, service.

The Company’s relatively small size as well as recent investments have made the following services available to customers.


Custom-made size and thickness of panels

Dimensions can be arranged to fit customer’s needs.


Special panel composition

Different wood sorts can be used in the composition of a panel for specific purposes.


Special film finishing

Non-standard surface to meet requests of unconventional look.


New product development

An internal laboratory is in place for the design and development of new products.


Sectioning, boring, milling and new project development

The customer can receive a finished panel that is sectioned, milled, bored or edged as requested.



Packaging is made according to customer’s specifications. Type of package, number of units per package as requested.


San Giorgio S.p.a.
27019 Loc. Castellere - Villanterio (PV) - Italy
Phone (+39) 0382-967.344 - Fax (+39) 0382-967.378
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