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Birch plywood


Special plywood


Plywood for laser cutting

Plywood for
laser cutting

Plywood for road transport vehicles

Plywood for road
transport vehicles

Plywood for the building industry

Plywood for the
building industry


Perseverance and several smart investments have contributed to the remarkable growth of San Giorgio S.p.a. since its establishment in 1969. Now, with the third generation at the helm, this dynamic, flexible Company is well equipped to face the new technological challenges.



Founding year of San Giorgio S.p.a. This means more than thirty years of work, research and development with the goal of assuring top quality of products, service and follow-up.



The Company strategy aims at the manufacture of panels with special characteristics. In particular, the production of multilayer birch panels begins.



Important investment in new machinery imported from Finland to ensure the best quality standards for the multilayer panel manufacture.



The Company is awarded the Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, an acknowledgement of its achievements in Quality.



Start-up of a new sectioning plant ensuring that each customer’s specifications and requirements are met.



A year of big investments:
A new biomass-fueled thermal plant that reduces dust emissions in the atmosphere.
A new Finnish jointing line.
A new filming line and new pressing line for the “Maxi” panel.



The finishing plant is equipped with a control line of gluing quality, to enhance quality assurance for the panels.
The company obtained the certification FSC® for the chain of custody(License Code: FSC-C100309).



Installation of one line dedicated to veneer sorting, with the scope to customize the quality of every veneer according to customer request.



New film facing line, able to use different kind of film and structures. New sectioning line for the cut to size material.



RAUTE brand new veneer scarfing line for veneers.



Installation of Ultra modern lay-up and pressing line from RAUTE with the scope of increasing the volume to be able to satisfy the growing customer demand.


San Giorgio S.p.a.
27019 Loc. Castellere - Villanterio (PV) - Italy
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