Service is a strategical target of San Giorgio S.p.a.. We are able to offer to the market a great level of service and flexibility.

This is possible because of different factors: we own latest technologies for wood processing, our management is oriented to flexibility and custom-solutions and because the company is not into “commodity” huge volume markets.

Custom-made size and thickness of panels

Dimensions can be arranged to fit customer’s needs. Out target is to provide always “the perfect size” for every application.

Misure e spessori particolari - Servizi San Giorgio SPA
Special panel composition

Different wood spices can be used in the composition of a panel for specific purposes.

Essenze speciali - Servizi San Giorgio SPA
Special film finishing

Non-standard surface to obtain a specific visual or technical target.

Rivestimenti particolari - San Giorgio SPA
New product development

An internal laboratory is active for the design and development of new products.

Sviluppo di nuovi prodotti - San Giorgio SPA
Sectioning, CNC milling and project development

We can offer cut-to-size panels, CNC machining etc. We support the “just in sequence method” in order to help the customer efficiency.

Sezionatura, foratura e fresatura pannelli - San Giorgio SPA

Packaging is made according to customer’s specifications. Type of package, number of units per package as requested.

Imballaggio pannelli - San Giorgio SPA

We produce only on customer order, but, on agreement, we can keep inhouse the customer storage and offer a customized storage service.

Stoccaggio pannelli - San Giorgio SPA